3Speak: Decentralized Video — With Dan Hensley

I had the chance to speak with Dan Hensley, one of the co-founders of 3Speak on the Hive blockchain. It’s a video hosting alternative to YouTube and is considered a highly decentralized free speech platform. We dive into decentralization, Hive, blockchain, 3Speak, and much more!

3Speak is the home of Free Speech on the internet. We exist because Silicon Valley has gone out of its’ way to deplatform and demonetize individuals because of their political beliefs, or the kind of content they upload, not because they break the law. 3Speak is keen to ensure that those people who have fallen foul of Silicon Valley’s arbitrary rules have a place to call home.

These are some of the questions we went over:

• Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

• How and when did you originally get into cryptocurrency

• Can you give us a brief introduction to 3Speak?

• What problem does 3Speak solve?

• Why did 3Speak move to Hive?

• How does blockchain technology solve censorship?

• You previously spoke at length about the Speak token launching, when do you expect we will see that?

• You previously said you wanted to further decentralize 3Speak over 2020, what has changed in the last year? Should we expect to see you working as part of a DAO soon?

• Where does the money come from? How is this sustainable?

• How did 3Speak get its name and what was the original idea or motivation to start it?

• What are the next big updates for 3Speak to release soon or that are in the works?

• Where does 3Speak fit in with other existing similar projects?

• Where do you see 3Speak going in the next year? The next 5 years?

• So where can everyone go to learn more about this?

Check out https://3speak.tv/ for more information and to learn more about what they have to offer. We spoke previously when they were on the Steem blockchain in January 2020 which you can find here: https://youtu.be/AejOb9lG-TQ

You can follow @3speakonline on Twitter and @TheyCallMeDan on Hive. He was banned from YouTube and Twitter.

What do you think about 3Speak? Have you used it before? Have you used Hive before? How important is a truly decentralized social media platform to you? Let us know if you have any further questions on 3Speak in the comments below and don’t forget to like and subscribe as well!

*Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and is purely for entertainment purposes. What you see, hear, or read is my personal opinion, and any statements made are based on my views and should not be misconstrued as fact. My crypto portfolio may or may not be simulated*



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