All In On Bitcoin & Ethereum — Amateur Investing #10

Time for another update on my investment portfolio and my passive income journey. We’ll be covering my recent cryptocurrency & stock purchases, tokenized real estate, stock dividends, and crypto earned from staking. This is amateur investing at its finest!

Disclaimer For Taxes: *My stocks and dividend income are 100% accurate and legitimate. What I share for cryptocurrency may or may not be accurate and may or may not be a simulated portfolio that isn’t real*


00:00 Intro

01:41 Stock Dividends

4:23 Crypto Income

7:02 Crypto Portfolio

7:51 Stock Portfolio

8:37 My Investing Strategy

11:00 Blockfolio Breakdown

14:29 Crypto Trades Breakdown

16:52 Growth Stocks

18:46 Dividend Stocks

24:26 RealT Tokenized Real Estate

25:16 Conclusion & Outro

Going forward, I am including my growth stocks & all crypto investments in this portfolio to give you a more thorough insight into my investing journey. This way you can follow everything I’m doing with 100% transparency. The point of doing all this is to show you that it’s possible and provide some sort of framework that can be followed. This isn’t financial advice, and you shouldn’t exactly replicate my investing. What you should do is figure out what works best for you and stick to the basics of dollar cost averaging, investing in good assets, avoid liabilities, compounding interest, be frugal, buy low, and sell high.

I cover the recent stock buys I went through, share my portfolio breakdown updates, and share my thoughts on the current market. My goal for 2020 was to earn $75 worth of dividends on average per month which I am exactly at now, I’m happy to ease off on stocks for a bit and focus on crypto. I am currently making about $111 a month from passive income. This is a bit less than last month, but that’s because I’ve sold out of most of my crypto passive income gainers for the time being. I’ve put another $3,000 into Bitcoin and then rebalanced my crypto profits from my staking and lending coins into LBC, ETH, and BTC.

I’ve shifted my entire investing focus to be something like 70% crypto, 25 % stock, 3% gold, and 2% in cash reserves. I’ve been dollar cost averaging into bitcoin, Ethereum, and stocks, upping all of my regular investment deposits. This is in line with my goal of earning more money and saving 65% of my income. I am currently beyond that having saved 71.76% of all my income and investing it last year in 2020 which I will cover in another series. Going forward I will not be investing any more fiat in stocks for at least 6 months unless there is a crash.

Check out this awesome resource I’ve been using a lot of risk analysis and tracking dividend history for free:

About $905 .11 of yearly profits are coming from stock investments, about $80.49 is coming from cryptocurrency passive income, $200.97 is coming from crypto tokenized real estate, and $143.74 from music royalties. In my last update, my portfolio was $28,748 but did not include my growth crypto. Going forward I will be including that so the jump from the last report to this one will seem huge. My current portfolio value with all my investments is $110,268 CAD. This is up $22,747 from last month’s total value of $87,521.

I invested $3,000 last month. I earned $88.79 CAD from stock dividends, about $13.49 CAD from crypto real estate, and $28.22 CAD from crypto lending & staking last month. In total, I have earned about $320 CAD from crypto and over $455 CAD from stock dividends.

My recent stock trades were: removing stocks from both the finance and alcohol sector and shrinking down my portfolio in terms of sector stock diversity. I removed my worst performing REITs and invested that money into my best performing REITs, I moved around some money into more insurance, banking, consumer goods, and then also invested in Walmart and Microsoft. I traded all my Tesla earnings back into ETFs and the various trade listed above. I sold on December 21st after all the index funds had pumped up Tesla. It has since gone up more, but I don’t want to hold it long term, I’ve shifted back to my dividend passive income plan.

I am currently up 15.81% on my growth stocks and 6.3% on my dividend stocks including dividends with all income being reinvested and compounding interest.

For crypto, I made dramatic changes to my portfolio by consolidating a lot of my assets into BTC & ETH and some into LBC speculatively. I kept some DASH for daily transactions and HIVE for social media curation, creation, and delegation for passive income. My main focus is to build up ETH & BTC for the next 6 months or so.

Was this helpful for you? What dividend stocks are you investing in? Do you prefer dividend investing or another style? Do you invest in cryptocurrencies that payout regularly? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!