Blockchain Social & Crypto Earnings Report #25

You want to take full advantage of the social platforms out there that use blockchain technology or have crypto monetization. Here are the 16 platforms I used to earn $856.22 CAD worth of fiat & crypto in December as well as some insights.

My total alleged crypto social media income earnings are now up to just over $36,971 CAD not including crypto appreciation after originally receiving the payouts.

December Metrics & Content:

To briefly go over my social media results for December, I received around 7,000 engagements, 18,500 video views, 1,200 comments, 1,300 followers, and 194,000 impressions.

December Earnings:

Publish0x — 7.19 AMPL — $1.13 CAD = $8.12 CAD + 0.06 FARM — $222.23 CAD = $13.72 earned from post rewards. That’s a total of $21.84 CAD.

Brave Browser –5.46 BAT — $1.55 CAD from ad rewards and 1.277 BAT from creator donations for a total of $10.44 CAD.

LBRY/Odysee — 1,593 LBC — $0.04618 CAD = $73.57 CAD from user earnings, content earnings, invites, etc.

Hive — 82.58 Hive — $1.90 CAD = $159.90 CAD and 128.12 HBD — $1.24 CAD = $158.86 CAD. That’s a total of $318.76 CAD from post rewards.

LeoFinance — 42.98 LEO — $0.29 CAD = $12.63 CAD earned from post rewards.

Cos.TV — 1160 COS — $0.0338 CAD = $39.21 CAD earned from post rewards.

Read.Cash & Noise.Cash — 0.26 BCH — $553.61 CAD = $143 CAD earned from post rewards.

Den.Social — 28.45 MTR — $0.36 CAD = $10.24 CAD earned from post rewards.

DTube — 67.15 DTC — $1.14 CAD = $76.55 CAD earned from post rewards.

Bastyon — 0.31 PKOIN — $0.40 = $0.12 CAD earned from post rewards.

Yup — 22.80 YUP — $1.08 = $24.62 CAD earned from post rewards.

BitTube — 273 TUBE — $0.004 = $1.14 CAD earned from post rewards.

Torum — 9 XTM — $0.913 = $8.22 CAD earned from post rewards.

Blurt — 1297.75 BLURT — $0.0435 = $56.49 CAD earned from post rewards.

YouTube$62.37 CAD earned from monetization.

The grand total came to $856.22 CAD which is about $693.54 USD.

December Insights:

My earnings have dipped a little bit but are fairly in line with what I’ve been earning lately. This is my 25th report and the more data I acquire, the better the results become.

My top consistent earners are still Read.Cash, Hive, and DTube. LBRY is no longer a consistently high earner as my earnings have plummeted. It would have been way lower too if I hadn’t received a donation. For January I expect to receive less than 200 LBC. Even though Blurt lost a lot of value as most coins did, Blurt is still delivering pretty solid and consistent earnings. I was pretty skeptical of Blurt originally, but I like what they are doing. However, I am powering down now on Blurt so I can divert my passive income generation to HBD on Hive which will not only produce more profit, but it will be a safer place to store that wealth.

I do want to note that like in the video, I explain how I run my ads and sponsors, why I do it, and I show you all those I’ve worked with. The idea is that with 100% transparency, there is no possibility for miscommunication or shilling in a way that is unethical. My sponsored segments are purely ad space and do not warrant an endorsement by me. If you’d like to see fewer sponsors, the best thing you can do is share, like, comment, subscribe, and get the word out so that I earn more platforms rewards and don’t need sponsors. The idea is to become financially independent so I can focus all my energy on educating and creating content.

I will continue to share these reports every month to give you a breakdown of what my earnings are to be completely transparent and give you an idea of what you could do if you shared on all of these social platforms too.

What are your income goals? Are you using any of the platforms I shared above? Is this useful and or encouraging for you? Would you like to see these reports every single month to get a better insight into crypto social profitability? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

*Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and is purely for entertainment purposes. What you see, hear, or read is my personal opinion, and any statements made are based on my views and should not be misconstrued as fact. My crypto portfolio may or may not be simulated*

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