But What About The Average Person?

In the crypto and blockchain community, it’s easy to get lost in all the hype and to think one project is way better than the next, but what’s really important to consider is what the average person thinks and understands about it.

Whether or not the niche crypto community can grasp something is one thing, but whether or not someone outside of that community can understand and participate is vastly more important. So, a great example that really stemmed this line of thought for me was whether or not someone would be willing to pay high fees or have to invest a large chunk of money to be able to use say a social dapp. No regular person who is happy with say Twitter is going to think to themselves, wouldn’t it be awesome if I used something like Twitter but I had to give them $100? Why would that ever cross anyone’s mind? Now consider the average person sees a platform like Twitter where they can be paid $100 for tweeting what they are already. That is enticing and offers them an incentive. You may come to realize I was comparing EOS to Steem.

The main takeaway is that if your project offers drawbacks rather than incentives to people outside of crypto who don’t have blind faith and loyalty to your project, then it will never be mass adopted or widely used. Don’t take my word for it, just wait and see or better yet, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Also, some people will try to cop out and say we are too early in the space when comparing a poorly managed project to a great one to which I would say again, do you think the average person cares about a bad project when they are many great ones out there? Do you believe they think that they owe them the chance to improve in years from now when they could just use the better projects today?

For various projects in the space do you often consider what would the average person think about this and would they use it? What are your thoughts on this approach and how it relates to major projects and blockchains as they are today?

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