Comprehensive EOS Social Platforms Review

In this review, I went over all the EOS social platforms I could find that had at least 100 active users or had some recognition of EOS dapp listing sites, etc. I only comprehensively test and review sites that have at least 1,000 active users if they have a fee to sign up.

The results speak for themselves. A lot of the sites/applications are unusable, lacking any real community, the concepts are too niche, or they are just way too early along. Plus needing to use Scatter again rules out the opportunity for good mobile usage. The only usable application is Trybe which again as I shared in my last video isn’t a good bet. While EOS is still worth a decent amount, I wouldn’t invest in it or rely on the dapps coming out of its network. Also, I was unimpressed by the username limitation. I only was able to get @scottbusine instead of my full username on EOS so likely no one will find me when searching for me too. & these are videos of me previously talking about it. Trybe is lacking community, profitability, and they don’t have many basics in place like cover images, discovery feed for social posts. People don’t interact with much and only really on blogs. Newsfeed posts get 0 engagement and they don’t show up in the discovery newsfeed or anywhere that I could find aside from your own profile page. Most articles within their category become “Top Rated” and go into the “Most Popular” section because of the lack of content. The most popular posts of all time are typically several months old. They claim approvals are only to check for plagiarism and copyright, but that’s not a good enough reason for me. The design and speed have greatly improved, but it was still insanely challenging to set up a wallet with Trybe. I spent so long trying to get Scatter working so I could use my Trybe and stake it — After more than a week and talking with 4 different support staff at Trybe and EOS, it finally worked. You may have a ridiculous amount of trouble getting started, but after that, it’s smooth sailing. I’m not sure if it still runs on Wordpress, but they don’t have awkward mistakes like allowing you to access their /wp-login page back in the day. The staff told me almost a year ago they will only do approvals this during its early stages and eventually decentralize more, but that hasn’t happened and there is no notion that it will be happening. I appreciate wall posts and allowing you to use slideshows etc. as you would find on Linkedin. There can be something to find after overcoming the initial challenge and or you don’t care about earning Trybe and just want to use this as a social platform. Coming back to the platform it does seem like the community is back, but all the issues are otherwise still there. I think some people are back now because there was an update to the UI which looks great, but it’s not enough to keep me. I hate using Scatter and detest how not user-friendly it is like for example, I have managed to earn 13,000 on-site Trybe. So, for some reason to be able to do anything with it, I must first withdraw it to my Scatter wallet and I can only do 5,000 a day even though the max listed is 10,000, so fine I do that. It takes 3 days only for me to put it back in via powering up. Why did I waste three days and wait on approvals for withdrawals as well each day before re-submitting? It’s frustrating when they have airdrops for staking too and I can’t make them in time. Look I think it’s great and aside from it losing almost all its value in its first year going from 0.0007 to 0.00001 now it could have a chance on just the social platform side of things if the backend is made much easier for regular users to integrate more easily. Notifications don’t even work right. You can’t go to the post they commented on.

I think Trybe is better than a lot of platforms, but if they don’t plan to change these things, then it’s not going to be mass adopted. At the end of the day, people are looking for earning a profit which you can only do on Steem and Publish0x, decentralization which you only see on Steem and a bit on Minds, ease of use which I believe is better on Steem and best on Publish0x and Minds, but absolutely not on Trybe.

In the future, I will review EOS as a whole and the multiple EOS wallets available, but today we will go through the platforms I could find. — Music related platform that won’t be live until Q3 2020. — Only in another language. Can’t test. — Couldn’t load the site. Can’t test. — I like the concept, but it only has 20 active users. Didn’t test. — Too niche for a social platform (only polling and surveys). Didn’t test. — Interesting extension, not a social platform. Didn’t test. — Good concept but way too niche as a platform. Their value has dropped 10x since inception and looks like it’s going the same route as Trybe. It’s only usable on mobile. When I tried registering it said, “problem trying to create an account.” Tried again and it didn’t work at all. — A bit over 100 active users only and requires Scatter which is a terrible application. Didn’t test. — I like the setup, but again you need Scatter, you can scroll through all this month’s post in one page basically. There were 22 posts in August. You also need to tip your money to other users which I’ve never been a fan of. This is a no go. Tested. — There were only 600 or so active users — Didn’t bother signing up since you also have to pay 17,319 BOID to start using it and given there are so few users and I already don’t like EOS I wasn’t willing to test this one and I doubt other will either. Didn’t test. — Barely any users, most posts are like “hello world” or “testing” One user even ironically commented on how most EOS dapps are gambling or not very good. Didn’t test. — Not working anymore. — This is the only platform I am interested in following. It’s not out yet though so it could easily flop, though it seems like it could be promising.

Let me know if you disagree or you think I’m wrong or have misrepresented some aspect of this. This is for all you EOS users who think I didn’t do my due diligence.




I am a social blockchain enthusiast that blogs and vlogs on what I believe to be the next level of social communication.

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Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham

I am a social blockchain enthusiast that blogs and vlogs on what I believe to be the next level of social communication.

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