EARN CRYPTO — The Best Crypto Monetized Social Platforms

This is a brief review of the 7 platforms I earn the most amount of cryptocurrency on. The most important things I look at are access to funds, decentralization, censorship-resistance, monetization, and having a great platform. Let’s dive in.

While I use 40–50 platforms, these platforms are by far the best in terms of how much you can earn. While money isn’t everything, it’s definitely going to influence people’s decisions on what platforms to patronize. The 7 best platforms I’m using are SoMee, LBRY, Hive, Publish0x, Read.Cash, Uptrennd, and DTube. I also include Brave browser, while it’s not a social media platform, it’s a great way to earn some crypto very easily.

To keep things simple, I will be summarizing the platforms and how they rank against my criteria. In the future, I will do more thorough reviews and I will speak more to these in my comprehensive review coming soon. This is meant to be a teaser of that as well as focusing on the platforms that you’ll likely end up using in this space.

SoMee.Social — This looks and feels like a Facebook alternative. This is a great platform in terms of how much you can earn, but you don’t have true access to your funds until you pay to verify for about $100 and KYC verify with your ID. If you want to withdraw your funds, you are limited to 10k ONG withdrawals every 24 hours and there have been issues lately with swaps, however, I can say I’ve tested them and they are currently working. This isn’t very decentralized or censorship-resistant in terms of content and how moderation works. Anyone can be banned and lose their funds and any post can be removed. You can go to SoMee.social to check it out.

LBRY — This is my favorite platform. It is like a YouTube successor and my only complaint is that it can sometimes be slow, but they are constantly improving the platform to make this better. I’ve earned the most on LBRY, there is no KYC or verification, and you have full access to your funds all the time. This is extremely decentralized, there is little to no moderation, and it’s censorship-resistant. They have the largest crypto social media userbase and have multiple interfaces for this great platform. Odysee.com, LBRY.TV, and the LBRY application are how you can access it.

Hive — Hive is the successor to Steem. I use the ThreeSpeak interface to upload videos and post to the LeoFinance community to maximize my earnings on the platform. It’s fully decentralized, censorship-resistant, has no KYC or verification, and you have full access to your funds all the time. They have quite a large userbase and the platform is great. You can access it via the many interfaces that access it such as 3speak.online, Peakd.com, Hive.blog, or Leofinance.io.

Publish0x — You have to wait to withdraw once a month due to high gas fees and them storing all their crypto in an offline wallet. You don’t have to verify or KYC and aside from withdrawals being on set dates, it goes directly into a wallet you control and thus you have full access to your funds beyond that point. They do approve authors so it’s a little more centralized than some of these platforms, but the platform is great a blogging alternative to Medium and I have been able to earn quite a bit of various cryptocurrencies that they payout. They are crypto-agnostic and offer many different cryptocurrencies that are rewarded to users based on what users feel content creators deserve. You can visit Publish0x.com to get started.

Read.Cash — This is similar to Publish0x, but a little more decentralized and you have full access to funds all the time with no KYC or verification. They exclusively use bitcoin cash given out from a fund that people can donate and contribute to. This platform is not censorship-resistant or decentralized, but they do a very good job of being fair with their moderation from my experience on the platform. You can access it via Read.cash.

Uptrennd — They use an ERC20 token called 1UP. You can withdraw at any time, but they will time it based on gas costs which takes between 7–12 days or so. They don’t have a huge userbase and their only use of the blockchain is for their cryptocurrency, so they aren’t super decentralized or censorship-resistant, but they have great values behind the platform and my experience with moderation, etc. has been very great. I do recommend Uptrennd, though I’ve earned the least on here. Navigate to Uptrennd.com to get started.

DTube — They have recently launched their own blockchain and have moved off of just being on the Steem blockchain. You can still post to Steem and Hive as well as to DTube. You earn DTC which is currently at a very high value. I was surprised as to how valuable their coin is and how much you can actually earn so while their cryptocurrency is new, I’m very excited about it. I’ve been using DTube for years though mind you. You can access your funds at any time without KYC or verification of any kind and it is as equally decentralized and censorship-resistant as Hive from my understanding. Navigate to D.Tube to get started.

Brave Browser — This isn’t a social platform, but by using this as your internet browser, you will earn BAT from ads that are displayed and the browser itself is much better than any other browser that currently exists in my opinion. Download it from Brave.com.

Where do you earn cryptocurrency? What’s your favorite blockchain social media platform? What is the most important criteria to you when prospecting these platforms? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe as well!

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