Earn More On Hive Using LeoFinance — With Khaleel Kazi

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
  • How and when did you originally get into cryptocurrency
  • Can you give us a brief introduction to LeoFinance?
  • What problem does LeoFinance solve?
  • What gives LeoFinance its value?
  • As a Hive community can you just explain how this is different from just a different UI like the difference people see between PeakD and Hive.blog for example
  • How did LeoFinance get its name and what was the original idea or motivation to start it?
  • What are the next big updates for LeoFinance to release soon or that are in the works?
  • Where does LeoFinance fit in with other existing similar projects?
  • Where do you see LeoFinance going in the next year? The next 5 years?
  • If any crypto influencer could join LeoFinance who would you choose?
  • If you had one superpower, what would it be?
  • So where can everyone go to learn more about this?



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Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham

I am a social blockchain enthusiast that blogs and vlogs on what I believe to be the next level of social communication. https://www.scottcbusiness.com/