The Comprehensive Guide To The Brave Browser

Introduction To BAT And The Brave Browser

  • How to get started with downloading and setting up Brave
  • How to maximize your privacy with Brave
  • How to earn BAT from viewing ads and how to configure them
  • How to create and connect your Uphold wallet to your brave rewards
  • What BAT grants and tips are and how as well as why you might want to use the auto-contribute feature
  • What is the Brave creator rewards program and why you should join
  • How to claim your rewards in the form of BAT and transfer them
  • What is the Brave Tap Network and how to use it
  • What is IPFS and how it works on the Brave Browser
  • What’s the earning potential with Brave browser
  • A sneak peak at Brave advertising campaigns
  • What to do if Brave isn’t available in your region
    If you feel that something is missing, please comment below and I will potentially make an extra video covering anything that was missed according to your feedback.
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How To Get Started With The Brave Browser

How To Maximize Privacy On Brave

How To Enable And Configure Ads With Brave

How To Create And Connect Your Uphold Wallet

What Are BAT Grants, Tips, & Auto-Contribute?

What Is The Brave Creator Rewards Program

How To Claim Brave Ad Rewards In BAT

Brave Search

Brave Tap Network

What Is IPFS & How To Use It With The Brave Browser

Brave Advertising Campaigns — Sneak Peak

What’s The Earning Potential With Brave Browser?

What To Do If Brave Isn’t Available In Your Region




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